Report #2

The whole group

Another successful week in the books! According to my plan, this weekend we were going to go to Jackson Hole, Wyoming and go hiking.

But Mother Nature had different plans and the weather was looking a little too cold for this weekend in Jackson Hole. My group of friends and I spontaneously chose instead to go to see the lower Mesa Falls.

Mesa Falls on a sunny day

Mesa Falls is located approximately 40 miles from Rexburg, near Ashton, Idaho. I found some detailed directions here. It’s about a forty-five to sixty minute scenic drive that will take you through Grand Targhee Forest.

Beautiful scenery on the drive up

Before going, I found this website with basic facts about Mesa Falls. I’m attaching that picture right here with the link.

Mesa Falls   The Trek Planner.png
Basic Information on Mesa Falls

Mesa Falls isn’t a real physically challenging hike. It’s a paved trail and I think we walked it as a group in about fifteen minutes.

There was a fence around the little trail when we reached the top that prevented us from getting a closer look. My daredevil best friend decided it would be a good idea to hop the fence and walk out onto a rock ledge to get a better view.

A Better View

Then she called out to me to get me to come out onto the rock. And being the intelligent person I am, followed her out there.

Don’t try this at home, kids

As I hopped the fence, I remembered that I was afraid of heights. And suddenly the waterfall that didn’t look too tall before began to look like the ten-story waterfall that it was.

That was a little too close to the edge for me, and so I made my way back over the fence into safety.

I would definitely recommend Mesa Falls to anyone living close by – especially students living in Rexburg. It’s a beautiful sight to see and it’s not a challenging hike.

Safe zone
Mesa Falls


Scenic sunset on the way home

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