Report #1


The past two weeks have been awesome. I’ve stuck to my plan and have gone to do something outdoors both of these past two weekends.


Last weekend, I went on a field trip with my natural disasters class. We left bright and early at 7:30 am and came home around 4:00 pm. We saw the Teton Dam, Hebgen Lake, and parts of West Yellowstone. The weather wasn’t too great, and it rained/snowed on us a little bit. But it was so nice to get out there in the mountains and breathe in that fresh mountain air.

It was cool seeing all the things we had been talking about all semester. Nature is so powerful and amazing.

Hebgen Lake

I really enjoyed Hebgen Lake. The Great Yellowstone Earthquake of 1959 created a landslide that blocked the Madison river creating this lake. It happened in the middle of the night causing 28 fatalities and nearly $11 million dollars in damages. The landslide pushed homes into the water and they’ve stayed here ever since.

This picture has a cool story behind it. Apparently, the woman that lived in this home barely escaped with her life during the earthquake. She jumped out through the window as the slide pushed it down into the water.

Hebgen Lake
A Hillside in Bannack Ghost Town, Montana

This weekend I went on a field trip to Bannack Ghost Town in Montana with my Digital Imaging class. We had nicer weather this time and I really enjoyed taking pictures. This town also has a colorful past and it was fun capturing that in my photos. The only downside of this field trip was I got a super bad sunburn! But it was worth it and I can’t wait to go back.

Bannack Ghost Town

I’m excited to continue my plan to explore. I feel so refreshed and relaxed after taking my weekends off.


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