My Plan

Like I promised last week, I am posting my plan for what I’m going to do this month and next month.

I originally said that I was going to go out of town every weekend, but my 15 credit load is currently getting the best of me. I’ve been sticking to my homework plan, but I have more homework than I anticipated.

However, I am still going to make definite plans for exploring this semester– it’s just not going to be a weekly thing.

May 27th – 30th – Field Trip

This next weekend, I am actually going on a field trip to West Yellowstone, Teton Dam Island Park Caldera, Henry’s Lake hazards, and Hebgen Avalanche Fault Scarp.

Island Park Caldera

It’s a field trip for my natural disasters class and so it’s a little different than what my future trips are going to be, but I figured that I should include it on my schedule.

Since it is also Memorial Day weekend, I decided with some friends to go to Yellowstone on Monday.

June 10th – 12th – Hiking in Jackson Hole

On June 11th, some friends and I are planning on going hiking in Jackson Hole. I’ve never been to Jackson Hole before, but it’s only an 1 hour and 40 minutes away.

We found this awesome website called the Outbound Collective that has detailed directions on nearby hikes and scenic locations.

Jackson Hole

“The four mile out-and-back trail begins at the Death Canyon trailhead. You’ll start on a one mile hike on a well-maintained dirt trail through scenic views of the Tetons, which will lead you to the Phelps Lake Overlook with views of the lake as well as Jackson Hole Valley. There you will begin your one-mile descent to Phelps Lake. The entire hike gains only about 500 feet of elevation.”

June 24th – 26th – Camp on the Clarks’ Fork of the Yellowstone River


Clarks’ Fork of the Yellowstone River


My brother and I have been talking about going camping around here and I found this location on There’s apparently there’s a lot of bears close by.

“Once you drop back down into Wyoming and pass the Fox Creek campground on your left, start looking for the small break in the trees on your left. There is a clearing and turn in on your right as well. You may pass it the first time, I always do!

Once you find it, turn in and you’ll see the Clarks Fork of the Yellowstone right in front of you! There’s a fantastic campsite and pull in right there on your right. Great fishing, swimming, and camping await! If you walk down the trail a little, you’ll get to see a beautiful cascade waterfall.”

So that is my plan so for May through June! I’ll take a lot pictures and report on my experiences.


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